Disappointing but predictable

Last Thursday the Hodgman government told public sector workers they would need to further tighten their family budgets as it intends to cap wage increases below the cost of living.

In a sign of internal division, the Premier described the government’s announcement in an email to all public sector workers as ‘bargaining parameters’ while the Treasurer told the media it was the government’s ‘final position’.

They then launched paid advertising in an attempt to convince the community that low wages are good for them.

Tasmanians all need a pay rise.

Under the Hodgman Government, the average wage in Tasmania has fallen to $213.40 a week below the national average. This affects every Tasmanian worker and their families. When your wage rises by less than your costs increase then your standard of living falls.

The Treasurer brags about us ‘living in a golden age’ and experiencing a ‘sustained economic boom’. What good is a booming economy if our standard of living is going backwards?

Hodgman must scrap the 2% wage cap.

The main reason wage growth in Tasmania is so low is the Hodgman Government’s 2% wage cap. As the biggest employer in the state, the government influences the wages paid to all Tasmanians.

Unless the Hodgman government scraps the 2% wage cap it is condemning all Tasmanian families to lower wages and a lower standard of living.

Increases less than CPI

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Tasmania was 2.3% last year. Over the next three years, CPI is forecast to run at 2.5%. Accepting the Hodgman government’s 2% cap will mean earning less every year in real terms – it’s actually a wage cut.

The government’s actions demonstrate a complete lack of respect for you and the work you do. We know many of you are already amongst the lowest paid for your occupation in the country and continuing the 2% wage cap will only worsen this. You deserve better, all Tasmanians deserve better.

How does the Premier expect to recruit additional nurses, doctors, teachers and other frontline workers when he’s offering the lowest salaries in the country?

Together we will scrap the wage cap

Public Sector union members stand united in opposition to the government’s proposal to cut their pay in real terms and to see Tasmanian wages continue to fall further behind other Australians.

You said to us, no more 2% offers will be acceptable. We reject the 2% wage offer and will campaign together to stop Tasmanian workers from slipping further behind.